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Photo Page 3!!!!!

check out another photo page of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are a few of my favorite photographs from my different friends. Feel free to browse them as you like.

Mugisha Bibangamba(Muggs Boy)
Mugs is one of ma closest friends, we have bn together for six years in school....!!!!!!
Wilfred Malima
This is ma young bro..........we come from the same neighbourhood
Ibrahim is one of ma good old friends,hope u know wat that means,we have bn friends for along time, back in a days we used to call him professor....
Vennie is ibrahims lovely sister and one of ma good close friends, they r both in UK by now.
I like vennie coz she is smart!!!!!!!!!
Here goes office close friends,,,!!!!!!!!!
From left is Maryam Ngware, Gloria Ibrahim and Namsifu Charles

muggs boy
Funny time
thats me!!!!!!!
Back in school!!!!!!!!!!!!
From left is Jovita Kasenene, ma self, Precious, Jabir N Dida
back in school
Zis was Zamda mdemu
back in school!!!!!!!!!!
Cuthbert raphael and maria komba
Zis was on ma B'day
From left is Mwajuma, Neema Moyo,ma self and Halima Mcharazo(Mimah)
The whole creu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From left is Ndaro, Yohane, Seraphine , Ma self, henze, Zeno, our class master(MR. Kamili) and Muggs